Ridiculously simple way to create a seamless texture. From (virtually) any picture.

I’m going to show you a way I’ve been creating my own textures from scratch, which tile seamlessly and can be done in less than 1 minute per texture (once you’ve done it 2 or 3 times :D)

The tools you need:


  • Install paint.net.
  • Download the seamless helper plugin DLL file, and move it to the \Paint.NET\Effects folder.
  • Now open paint.net

In this example, we’ll use this picture that I selected from Pixabay at random.

Load it up in paint.net


Next, crop the image to a square.


Third, select EFFECTS/Seamless Helper. And you will get this:


Fourth, use the clone stamp with a large radius (say, 90) and a hardness of around 25. Then, click CTRL and select somewhere in the picture. Now proceed to clone out the obvious lines. Be sloppy, or take your time. Take samples from all over. Erase those hard lines. The more attention you put into this step, the better your image will be. Here’s my example of being half-sloppy. It wont matter too much:


Five. Run the Seamless Helper plugin again, and VOILA, you have a seamless texture!



  1. paint.net also has (decent) bump map generator plugin you can find here (after installation, the effect will be under effects/stylize)
  2. Here is a node setup I used in blender to create both normal and displacement maps with nodes only (no separate normal or displacement textures).